Feel in control with your phone again

Here comes the human way to learn healthy smartphone habits: guided, effective and free of judgement. To make you feel better.

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Real habit change comes from within.

not less but better is an app that helps you learn healthy smartphone habits. Overcome bad habits through techniques from behavioral psychology. Replace them with good ones that last. And work towards your personal smartphone goals, one step at a time. With only five minutes per day.

A new take on digital mindfulness


Shift your mind to change your habits.

Identify the thought patterns and emotions behind your unwanted behavior. Replace them with new, healthy thoughts and coping strategies using techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance-and-Commitment Therapy (ACT).


Created by psychologists, proven to work.

The effectiveness of the training was validated in a randomized controlled trial (RCT): our approach significantly reduces problematic smartphone use and increases well-being. For you, from our team of psychologists.

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Habits are personal. Your training should be, too.

Work towards your personal smartphone goals with guided courses. Form new habits in interactive, bite-sized exercises and offline challenges. Easy to digest, with enough room to practice.

What our users are saying

Get on top of your phone again.

Forget mindless scrolling. Forget feelings of stress, fomo and guilt. Take control. And feel good again.

Break bad habits.

Form and stick to new habits.

Learn self-care in the digital world.

Ready for more meaningful screentime?

We can’t wait to share the training app with you. It’s launching in March 2021.

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